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The tourist rental Corte Ohana is a place for guests and touriststhat are seeking the finest amenities and treatment by the owners who are attentive to every detail.
The tourist Court Ohana rental can be found among the hills of the Val d' Alpone; in Monteforte d'Alpone to be precise, where there is a rich landscape of tourist destinations in terms of nature, history, food and wine.
Bordering on the beautiful city of Verona,famous for being the City of Love and Romeo and Juliet and Vicenza the town rich in villas built by Palladio.
Moreover, only a few kilometres away and easily accessible from Corte Ohana is the medieval town of Soave known for his wonderful castle. The Tourist rental Corte Ohana consists of two rooms.
The RED Room consists of two single beds that can be joined together to form a double bed.
While the ORANGE bedroom has a single bed, also with the possibility of bunk bed.
Both rooms are equipped with sheets, blankets, bed covers, wardrobes and towels.
There is as hared bathroom that includes a shower.
The rental also includes a kitchen, living room and spacious entrance hall, with refrigerator, oven, satellite TV and a sofa bed.
Upon request a single bed can be added to the room.
Contact us: Phone 349.3862487.

2 Bedrooms

There are 2 bedrooms: one double and one single with possibility of a bunk bed

Living room and kitchen

It features a large living room and kitchen with satellite TV

Large garden

There is aseparate entrance to your rental with a large garden outside


Court Ohana is located in a quiet location surrounded by nature and overlooking the hills


Whoever decides to stay at Court Ohana can also find many interesting events that are taking place throughout the year in the territory of Monteforte d'Alpone, Soave and the surrounding towns.


The famous march/runwith 20,000 people from all over Italy www.montefortiana.org

Carnevalon de l'Alpon

The most famous Carnival in the Alpone Valley www.prolocomonteforte.org/carnevale.html

Divinus bike

The Italian Championship Marathon MTB www.divinusbike.it

Street Artists

An event with street artists organised by Avis Monteforte Avis Monteforte

Sagra delle Ciliegie

The Festival of Cherries is held in Brognoligo Pro Loco

Festa dell'UVA

The Festival of Grapes is in Monteforte d'Alpone Festa dell'UVA


The daily cost varies based on the number of guests. Accommodation is also available for a single night.
Do you prefer to book or request information from our staff via email? If you have any special requirements, we are at your disposal.

Prices based on number of guests

From 1 to 7 guests
1 night

  • 1 guest Euro 38,00

  • 2 guests Euro 60,00

  • 3 guests Euro 83,00

  • 4 persone Euro 105,00

  • 5 guests Euro 120,00

  • 6 guests Euro 145,00

  • 7 guests Euro 170,00

  • Booking

Prices based on number of guests

From 1 to 7 guests
3 nights

  • 1 guest Euro 120,00

  • 2 persone Euro 180,00

  • 3 guests Euro 250,00

  • 4 guests Euro 300,00

  • 5 guests Euro 360,00

  • 6 guests Euro 435,00

  • 7 guests Euro 510,00

  • Booking

Prices based on number of guests

From 2 to 7 guests
1 week

  • 2 persone Euro 420,00

  • 3 guests Euro 595,00

  • 4 guests Euro 650,00

  • 5 guests Euro 840,00

  • 6 guests Euro 1000,00

  • 7 guests Euro 1100,00

  • Booking

Contacts and Requests

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For information and to request the availability of Corte Ohana fill out the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Corte Ohana Tourist Rental

Via Tamagni, 27

37032 Monteforte d'Alpone (VR)

Phone: +39.349.3862487

Email: info@corteohana.it

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